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Dining Furniture

Dining furniture is an essential part of the home. Whether you're part of a big family or dining as two, tables and chairs are a fundamental feature of the dining room or kitchen. Dining suites can not only provide practical solutions but also a style statement and focal point to your home, depending on your chosen materials or colours. Browse our collection of dining sets below or read on for more information.

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Different types of dining furniture

Dining furniture doesn't have to simply consist of tables and chairs, there are many different types of dining suites that offer storage options and a contemporary alternative to the traditional.

  • Dining tables and chairs are the most common form of dining room furniture and can usually sit 4-6 people. These can typically be a rectangular shape or a circle and are usually made from wood, glass or stone.
  • Sideboards complement your dining sets and add another storage solution in the shape of cupboards, shelves or drawers intended to be displayed at the side of the room. These can include further other storage solutions, such as a wine rack.
  • Display units & cabinets usually consist of glass doors so you can display any ornaments or glassware you're particularly proud of. These can again be a traditional wooden finish, a painted wood, or a high gloss for contemporary dining room furniture.
  • Bar tables are usually coffee table size, just a little taller. Roughly 60cm-90cm tall and 60-70cm wide, this is a great substitute for a standard dining table, especially if space is at a premium.
  • Bar stools are perfect for a breakfast bar, an island or just a more contemporary look. These can be a fixed seat, a swivel seat or even an adjustable height to match the height of your table perfectly.
  • Benches & settles offer alternative seating to create a unique look. These can be upholstered with a back, or a backless simple wooden bench. These are usually 40-90cm tall so are a little shorter than bar stools.
  • Finally, kitchen islands are perfect dining furniture pieces for your kitchen and go in the centre of the room to maximise space and stand out. A kitchen island is different to a standard table as instead of 4 legs it's either floating and attached to the wall, or offers more storage options underneath.

Considering the size of your dining room furniture

Before you invest in dining room sets, it's important to understand the dimensions of this furniture and whether you have enough space to house it. The average dining room table is around 120-180cm wide and 80-90cm deep. However, these come in a wide variety of sizes from small to medium tables, so measure the space you have available and choose your table accordingly. It's recommended to leave around 36 inches of space around your table to accommodate chairs and room to walk.

If space is an issue, a kitchen island might be best for you, as these are generally a little smaller than a standard table and measure roughly 140cm wide and 63cm deep. Not to mention they can save space via the internal storage solutions they offer, such as cupboards or drawers. If you don't like kitchen islands, bar tables and stools might be a unique alternative to your dining room and save an abundance of space.

Choosing the material of your dining room furniture

Once you've decided on the dining furniture you'd like, an important aspect to consider is the design. Our dining room furniture is available in a variety of styles and materials so you can find one to complement your dining room or kitchen perfectly.

Solid wood dining sets are the most traditional and blend seamlessly with any décor. This material can help create a rustic and warm environment. Different grain patterns and knots are available, so every piece of furniture is unique. For matching sets, we recommend buying solid wood pieces at the same time to ensure they are as close to each other as possible.

Wood veneer furniture involves a thin cut of real wood applied to hardwood or MDF boards. If you're after cheap dining table sets, this may be the best option as it's more affordable than solid wood although it looks the same. These pieces are also lighter and easier to move than solid wood. Wood veneer can have the look of natural wood or be painted to add a pop of colour to your home.

Finally, stone furniture is best for a completely unique look. We offer marble, travertine and granite in a variety of naturally occurring colours. These neutral pieces will complement any colour scheme while making a bold statement. They are also very easy to wipe clean, so may be suited to houses which are prone to mess.

For any help with your dining sets, please contact our friendly sales team on 0333 200 1552.

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