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Oak Room
Oak Room
Dining Tables
Contemporary, modern, classic and rustic tables in solid oak or solid oak/oak veneer in a selection of sizes for any dining area.
Dining Chairs
Huge selection of dining chairs to co-ordinate with any oak table to suit your style and taste.
Sideboards in various widths and sizes to meet your space and storage needs in solid oak or oak/oak veneer.
Display Units & Cabinets
A perfect complement to your furniture is a cabinet to show off your special collections of china, glassware etc.
Coffee Tables
Classic, modern, contemporary and rustic, a fabulous selection to co-ordinate your dining room with your living room.
TV & Hi-Fi Units
Various widths, heights and finishes to suit your design style and storage and harmonize with your existing furniture.
Side Tables & Nests
To co-ordinate with your chosen coffee table and perfect when friends and family arrive.
Console Tables
Either for the hall or the back of the sofa, a perfect extra storage and display top for your home.
Bed Frames
A superb selection in varying widths to suit your bedroom area and personal style.
All important storage solutions to co-ordinate with your chosen bed frame or to highlight your bedroom décor.
Bedsides & Chests
For those smaller items that need to be stored away and perfect to co-ordinate with your chosen bedroom furniture.
Dressing Tables
A natural requirement of any bedroom for dressing up, making up and make-up.


From Little acorns do mighty Oaks grow...

From the small simple beginning of an acorn probably buried by a squirrel, comes a marvel of creation, the majestic oak tree.  Although we may think the oak is ours, worldwide there are over 450 varieties, all recognised by the small acorn.

The durability of Oak...

For hundreds of years, oak has been the choice of carpenters and craftsmen due to its strength and durability – oaks can live for more than a thousand years.  After all, the British Navy dominated the seas for years during the nineteenth century with their battleships  crafted in oak.

The beauty of Oak

Oak has a timeless classic beauty with its rich colour ranges from light golden to mid brown shades and the unique grain detail.


/live/pages/oak.jpgSustainable forests:

Our Buyers work closely with all our Suppliers and Manufacturers to ensure all the timber used is carefully sourced from ethically sustainable forests.  They continually track our manufacturers to ensure consistency of quality and also to ensure the environment is safeguarded for our next generation.

INTERESTING FACT 1 – A mature oak tree absorbs and locks away harmful carbon dioxide in its wood to assist growth and then releases oxygen through its leaves into the atmosphere.

INTERESTING FACT 2 –Every Autumn thousands of leaves fall from each tree which then decompose – along with acorns not buried by squirrels – and recycle nutrients back into the soil.

INTERESTING FACT 3 – A mature oak tree can provide support for over 450 different species of insects, birds and mammals that either eat the fruit and foliage or shelter in the hollows and roots.

We are proud to offer quality oak products sourced by our buyers without harming the world in which we live.


/live/pages/oak_finish.jpgSolid, veneered and reclaimed Oak - helping you make the right choice...

The main types of oak furniture we sell are –

100% SOLID OAK – The oak we select has been carefully kiln dried and seasoned but all solid wood will have some movement.  On our products small expansion joints are designed in to allow for this movement and engineered cross-planking beneath table tops to eliminate cracking and warping.

SOLID OAK AND OAK VENEER MIX – This is a great combination as it gives the look of a solid product but reduces movement in panels and offers cleaner lines.  The weight bearing framework is solid oak with the  cabinet doors sides and top panels in oak veneer.  Oak veneer is sliced from oak and glued to another material thus retaining the beautiful natural characteristics but using less oak.

RECLAIMED OAK – Giving you all the benefits of oak strength durability and style but using pieces of wood that were previously used for other furniture pieces. Some of these pieces are often of a higher quality than ‘new’ as they were initially from an older style of craftsmanship than of today.  The beauty is in the rustic appearance achieved with no two pieces ever being the same due to the very nature of the different aged pieces being used.   And by choosing reclaimed oak you are once again helping our environment.