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Living Room Furniture

The living room is the family hub, a place to relax in the evening or entertain guests. Whether you're looking for a statement item or are redecorating your whole room, living room furniture completes the look of your lounge. From coffee tables and TV units to nests of tables, get the aesthetic you want with our fantastic living room furniture sets. Browse the collection or read on for more information.

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What to consider when choosing your living room furniture

Depending on whether you want to just replace one item, add something else to your room or get a whole new set of lounge furniture, there are things you should consider before making your purchase.

Living room size

This sounds obvious, but many people make the mistake of ordering furniture that looks too big or too small in their room. Always measure the space in which you want your piece of furniture to sit, ensuring there is enough space around it to move comfortably. You should also consider space for drawers and doors to open without banging into anything else.

It can be a useful exercise to draw a plan of your room, taking into account the size of your sofas, chairs or anything else you already have in the room. Then you can see how much space you have to play around with, ensuring your room doesn't feel too cluttered or too bare once your new furniture is installed.

Living room décor

If you're not completely redecorating your room, you might want to just freshen up the current style with some new furniture. It's important to ensure the furniture you choose fits with the décor within your room. For example, oak living room furniture would work well within a country cottage style home. Wooden living room furniture comes in a range of colours, designs and styles, from traditional to contemporary. You can also choose a mix of metal and wooden lounge sets if you want to create an industrial feel or add an edgy element to your room.

For rooms that are all about clean lines and modernity, chrome and glass is the way to go. These styles bring light to the room and reflective surfaces can make smaller rooms appear larger.

House occupants

If you have small children who live in the home or regularly visit, opting for furniture with rounded and smooth edges is a great idea. It's also sensible to steer away from glass furniture in this instance to ensure they won't hurt themselves easily and give you peace of mind.

What are the different styles of living room furniture?

Aside from sofas and chairs, your living room needs somewhere to place your TV, your cup of coffee and any accessories you want to display.

  • Coffee tables - Whether you place it in the centre of your room or next to your favourite chair, a coffee table is the perfect place to store your magazines and place your cup of tea while watching the TV. These come in contemporary styles made from glass and metal or more traditional styles made from solid oak. If you're looking for a rustic style, a wooden top coffee table with metal legs would give that industrial feel to your room.
  • TV & Hi-Fi units - Living room units store your electricals in a stylish way, keeping everything together and hiding away unsightly wires. They also provide ample storage for DVDs, CDs, your TV box or games consoles as well as space on top for your TV to sit, no matter what size it is. Whether you're looking for a small, corner unit or a whole wall media unit, there are plenty of designs to suit your living room perfectly.
  • Lamp tables - Ideal for smaller lounges, lamp tables aren't just reserved for lamps. These little occasional tables are perfect for adding some character to your room and act as a stunning finishing touch. For this reason, you can choose a lamp table that stands out from the rest of your living room furniture to make a statement and draw the eye. Alternatively, choose a style that matches your coffee table.
  • Console tables - If space allows it, console tables can add height to your room and are great for keeping books, lamps and accessories. Go for a classic, carved style for an opulent aesthetic or choose a modern, polished chrome table which bounces light around the room.
  • Nest of tables - These sets of tables are great if you have guests and need an extra place to put a cup of tea or plate of biscuits. They're easy to move and come in many styles. Again, choosing a contrasting design can add a statement to the room.

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