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Welcome to Lee Longlands, your gateway to a world of flooring possibilities. Our commitment to delivering top-quality British flooring is reflected in our extensive collection of carpets, hard flooring, and rugs. Dive into the captivating array of flooring options we offer to discover the perfect fit for your home.

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Carpets, celebrated for their comfort and warmth, present a diverse range of styles and materials for you to explore.

1.1: Explore Carpet Materials

Uncover the distinctive materials that define carpets:

Wool Carpets:

Renowned for their natural softness, resilience, and luxurious feel, wool carpets offer exceptional insulation properties. Discover the myriad benefits of wool and explore our selection of premium wool carpets.

Synthetic Carpets:

Synthetic carpeting materials, including nylon and polyester, offer outstanding durability and stain resistance. Learn about the advantages of synthetic options and explore our extensive range of synthetic carpets available in a spectrum of styles and colours.

Natural Fibre Carpets:

Elevate your flooring with eco-friendly choices like sisal and jute natural fibre carpets. Explore the unique textures and sustainability aspects that natural fibres bring to your home.

1.2: Discover Carpet Styles

Explore a variety of carpet styles to complement your interior:

Traditional Carpets:

Timeless elegance emanates from traditional carpets with intricate patterns and rich colours. Discover how these carpets can infuse classic luxury into your living space.

Modern Carpets:

Characterised by clean lines, minimalistic designs, and contemporary hues, modern carpets effortlessly create a sleek and sophisticated ambiance in any setting.

Patterned Carpets:

Dive into the world of patterns, from florals to geometrics, and see how patterned carpets can transform your flooring into a captivating focal point.

Hard Flooring

Hard flooring offers durability and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Explore the wide range of materials used in hard flooring:

Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl flooring provides versatility, water resistance, and an extensive array of styles, including wood and stone looks. Learn about the benefits of vinyl and browse our vinyl flooring collections.

Laminate Flooring:

Combining affordability with realism, laminate flooring convincingly mimics the appearance of hardwood. Explore the durability and design options available in laminate flooring.

2.2: Discover Hard Flooring Styles

From classic to contemporary, hard flooring comes in various styles:

Minimalist Flooring:

Minimalist hard flooring boasts clean lines, neutral tones, and a clutter-free aesthetic, creating a sense of space and tranquillity in your home.

Rustic Flooring:

Rustic hard flooring celebrates imperfections, showcasing the natural character of wood or stone. Discover how rustic flooring adds warmth and charm to any room.

High-Gloss Flooring:

High gloss hard flooring delivers a sleek and modern appearance with a reflective finish, making your space feel more open and luxurious.


Rugs infuse personality and comfort into your space.

3.1: Explore Rug Materials

Explore the materials that shape the character of rugs:

Wool Rugs:

Wool rugs offer softness, durability, and excellent insulation, bringing comfort and versatility to your home.

Silk Rugs:

Exuding luxury and fine craftsmanship, silk rugs feature intricate designs and silky textures that make them standout statement pieces.

Synthetic Rugs:

Affordable and easy to maintain, synthetic rugs, including polypropylene and acrylic options, offer practicality and style choices for your space.

At Lee Longlands, we believe in the power of choice. Whether you're drawn to the warmth of wool carpets, the durability of laminate flooring, or the charm of rugs from all corners of the world, our selection covers the full spectrum of flooring possibilities. Visit us today to embark on a journey into the intricate world of flooring. Explore renowned brands like Palio Express, Orla Kiely, Harlequin, Morris & Co., Rama, Brintons, Westex, and Brockways for a wide array of choices.

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