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Sofas & Chairs Buyers Guide

Sofas and Chairs Buyers Guide

Choosing your sofa

Here at Lee Longlands we offer more than a hundred different sofa and chair styles, incorporating thousands of fabric and leather choices. With so many decisions to make, you may feel a bit overwhelmed!

Therefore you need to think about the room you are furnishing.

  • How big is it?
  • Is it already decorated?
  • What is the access to the room like?
  • Surrounding space

Decide on the style of the room, this will help narrow down the choice to a classic or contemporary style. Once you have managed to find a style, you have won half of the battle. The next choice is what fabric or leather should you choose? We can send samples out to make sure your chosen material is suitable for you.


Which is the most comfortable? Easy, the one you feel the most relaxed and supported on. The best way to find if a sofa is comfortable is to come in store and sit on it, slouch or even lie on it.

Ultimately the seat fillings will affect how a sofa sits:


Soft and luxurious but require plumping on a daily basis. This helps keep their shape and retain the comfort.


These cushions are filled with synthetic fibre and offer a fairly soft feel, depending on the density of the fibre. Like feather interiors they need plumping on a daily basis to retain shape and comfort.


A firmer feel but retains its shape. Offering a low maintenance traditional feel to your sofa.

The above are just basics, manufacturers offer more versatile cushions such as feather or fibre wrapped foam, cold cure foam etc. Our professional sales consultants are more than happy to point you in the direction of these fillings in store.

Leather vs. Fabric

Fabric types

With such an abundant choice of colours often the feel of a fabric can be overlooked. Chenilleís and velvet are great for bringing a bit of texture to a room. Wools, cottons and cotton blends can bring a smoother more traditional look.

Leather types

Corrected grain leather

The grain has been artificially applied to the surface to give a uniform look. Pigments are then added to create any colour desired. Corrected grain is easy to maintain and clean and is a favourite with familyís and pet owners.

We would recommend taking out our 5 year Furniture Protection Plan with any leather purchase.

Semi aniline leather

The leather is first dyed then a thin protective layer of pigment is added to the surface. This combination offers the softer feel of aniline leather with the protective benefits of a surface coating. Natural variations are still present and it will not have the same heavy duty wear as corrected grain.

We would recommend taking out our 5 year Furniture Protection Plan with any semi aniline leather purchase.

Aniline leather

The leather can only be treated with dyes, allowing only for very natural colours. The leather retains the animalís natural surface and as a result pores, scars, insect bits etc. are still visible. This revered quality shows the true beauty of a natural hide in all its authenticity.

The surface of aniline leather absorbs moisture and oils easily and is extra vulnerable to wear and tear, heat, sunlight, spills and perspiration.

Top grain aniline leather is considered amongst the best in the world and is prized for its natural soft feel.

We would recommend taking out our 5 year Furniture Protection Plan with any aniline leather purchase.

See our Furniture Protection Plan page


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