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Sofas & Chairs

Sofas and chairs are often the main focal point of your living room and can make a statement while providing comfort. That's why it's important to find a sofa that accommodates the household and reflects your style. Browse our collection of sofas and chairs with many different functions, colours and patterns.

A stunning sofa collection of all sizes and styles for your comfort, all with a fantastic fabric selection.
Fabulous designs in various sizes and colours to suit your comfort and style.
Styles and designs for the larger room in fabric and leather with colours to suit you.
Every conceivable design and style in fabric and leather, with recliner options and stunning colourways.
To complement a 3 seater or for the more compact room, styles in fabric and leather with recliner options for your comfort.
A selection to complement your sofa or as a stand alone statement, all with fabulous fabrics.
Fabulous range of fabric and leather corner sofas in sizes to suit your living space.
An amazing range to suit your own personal comfort in leather and fabric.
For the spare room, study or lounge, our selection has every ingredient you need for friends and family.
Complementing your sofa choice, a creative selection of sizes and styles in fabulous colourways.
Indulgent luxury with this range of fabric and leather swivel chairs in fabulous colour choices.
Traditional comfort in fabric and leather to complement your sofas or for any room in the home.
Larger than a chair, smaller than a sofa but a great complement to your living room and to snuggle up in.
Wonderful comfort and assistance for those less mobile and in a fabulous choice of fabric and leather.

The different types of sofas

Sofas, or couches, come in all shapes and sizes, whether you're after a single chair for your own space or a family sofa for cosy nights in. The main types of sofas differ by their size, materials and what they might be best for.

  • Regular sofas are the most common type of sofa seen in most living rooms. These can seat 2-4 people depending on their size and have a fabric or leather exterior.
  • Corner sofas typically take an L shape and can usually seat more people than a regular sofa due to occupying the corner of a room. This helps make the most out of the space available and is ideal for big families.
  • Sofa beds are perfect when space is at a premium, as they offer two pieces of furniture in one. These are also ideal if you're often entertaining, as they can provide a quick bed for guests.
  • Chairs mainly differ from sofas as they usually only seat one person and can feature four legs instead of a sofa base. A chair in a similar colour scheme or pattern can complement your sofa, creating a stand out sofa set.
  • As the name suggests, recliners are usually single-seater chairs which have the ability to recline with the push of a button. They offer maximum comfort after a long day, allowing you to lie further back than most sofas.
  • Footstools complement your sofa choice to give you a place to put your feet up. Some footstools even offer internal storage options if you're prone to clutter.
  • Swivel chairs provide both comfort and movement, which makes these chairs perfect for desk chairs. They feature aoften have a metal frame with wheels that allow you to turn and move the chair. This is usually accompanied by an upholstered seat and back.
  • Wing chairs are a little different to standard chairs as they feature a higher back with two side pieces, or wings, to create extra areas to rest your head.
  • Snugglers are a little larger than a chair yet smaller than a sofa, allowing two people to comfortably snuggle while sitting down.
  • Finally, lift and rise chairs are ideal for those who may have limited mobility. They can shift to help a person get in and out of the chair with the push of a button.

Which sofa fabric is best for me?

Once you've decided on the type of sofa you'd like, it's important to choose your favourite material. Our fabric sofas range from a smooth velvet to help create a vintage sofa, or wool and cotton blends in a range of colours for a more contemporary sofa.

Our leather sofa ranges might be best suited to you if you're after a luxury sofa that is also easy to clean. Leather tends to go with most décor, whether your living room is traditional and rustic or modern and minimalist.

What size sofa should I get?

Whether you opt for a large sofa or a small sofa will significantly depend on the amount of space you have available and the number of people you live with. The average 2-seater sofa is anything from 160-190cm wide, whereas a 4-seater sofa is usually 220-270cm wide. While 4-seater sofas can fit more people, they might not be advised if you have a small living room. Measure the width of the room you have available and choose accordingly. It's always recommended to have at least 14 inches of space in front of your sofa for accessibility.

If space is your primary concern, the best sofa for you may be a sofa bed, which saves room by combining a bed and a sofa into one. Another option is a snuggler sofa, which is something to consider if you are part of a couple. They are known for being smaller than regular 2-seater sofas but can still accommodate two people.

If you'd like a little assistance on choosing your sofas and chairs, please contact our friendly sales team on 0333 200 1552.

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