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Get The Look: Sensory Dreamscapes

/live/blogs/wishland 1.jpg

Wishland king size bed (now £859)

Make your bedroom your true private haven with light muted colours, soft textures and a delicate attention to detail.

/live/blogs/wishland 2.jpg/live/blogs/wishland 3.jpg/live/blogs/wishland 4.jpg/live/blogs/wishland 5.jpg

From left to right: Wishland 5 Drawer Lingerie Chest (now £639), Wishland Double Wardrobe  (now £1499), Wishland Dressing Table (now £425), Wishland Round Side Table (now £215)

Build the look starting with our new Wishland bedroom collection. Each piece is crafted from weathered Mindy ash wood that has a stunning subdued appearance, while parquet inlays and elegantly shaped legs display a subtle attention to detail.

/live/blogs/seine chair.jpg/live/blogs/haven bench.jpg

From left to right: Seine rattan back chair (now £195), Stuart Jones Haven chaise lounge (now £499)

Next, incorporate some French styling into your room. Use the Seine chair as an alternative dressing stool, with its distressed finish and curved legs. A chaise lounge will complete that boudoir look. This Stuart Jones Haven bench is wonderful to place at the end of your Wishland bedframe.

/live/blogs/STRETTON Silver Leaner LS.jpg

Kephri silver leaner mirror (now £245)

Make a statement with big antique mirrors. This Kephri mirror has a vintage silver finish with an ornate design and, designed to be leaned against a wall as opposed to hung up, acts as a statement piece.

/live/blogs/noble arts.jpg

Noble Arts circle rug (now from £149)

Ditsy florals are easy to utilise and are super feminine. This Noble Arts rug  in a light cream has a vintage neutral look, and its circular shape takes away any blunt sharp edges for a completely soft appearance.


Houseplants, particularly flowers, instantly make for a very feminine atmosphere. Heathers are great as they have a beautiful ultraviolet colour to keep a room feeling full of life.


For a completely dreamy feel, make your room super soft with plenty of fleecy and teddy throws. Not only will your bedroom feel cosy, but these soft textures will make it look it, too.


Get crafty with some embroidery. Whether it’s an embroidered pillow, blanket or hoop to hang, this relaxing pastime makes for some cute and feminine décor.


Perfume bottles have an old school beauty to them. A collection of secondhand bottles filled with water or small flowers/petals will add some colour to a room, as well as being a creative way of utilising the house plant trend.

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