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Floor Lamps

A standing lamp is a form of lighting situated on the floor which helps to give a lounge or study a sense of style and ambience.  However, they are also a practical item, partially illuminating the room for activities such as reading.  In general, floor lamps light up the room to a lesser degree than fitted ceiling lights, so they are useful for winding down in the evenings before bed.

A floor lamp is a wonderful addition to a living room, dining room, bedroom, study or conservatory.

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What are the different types of floor lamp?

Tall lamps come in a wealth of styles and shapes, and can be suited to a wide range of furnishings.

Tripod floor lamps

A tripod floor lamp feature a tripod style base which makes it more of a feature in the room.  Some of our tripod floor lamps come with shades, while others are in a stage light style to really make a statement.  Due to its dimensions, a tripod lamp is a good choice for an industrial style setting but can also be found in mid-century modern design. 

3 light floor lamps

A 3 light floor lamp has a stem with three lights incorporated into its design.  Some of the lights are shaded and can be turned in different directions to scatter light around the room.  Others feature lights which sit at different heights.  This makes them excellent for creating ambience in a contemporary style home.

5 light floor lamps

A 5 light floor lamp is similar to a 3 light but has five lights rather than three.  The bulbs on these lamps may be smaller to add a touch of elegance, and will spread the light in more directions.  Another great choice for a modern home.

Open floor lamps

An open floor lamp is a lamp with an open frame for the base, rather than a single stem.  You can find every imaginable type of base for these lamps, including coiled, pyramid shaped, cylindrical or a simple rectangle.  With open lamps, it’s all about shape, and they often come with shades that emphasises their sharp angles and dramatic curves.  They look fantastic in a modern home and are perfect for making an impression on guests.

Shaded floor lamps

Shaded floor lamps feature a shade in their designs.  A shade takes the harshness out of the light, so it’s great for creating a soothing atmosphere and softening the overall appearance of the room.  Shaded lights come in many different styles, including modern, bohemian and traditional.  Modern shades tend to be in more straightforward shapes while traditional shades may offer more elaborate styles.  While modern and classic lamps favour neutral colours and plain fabrics, a bohemian shade will often be patterned and multi-coloured.

What style floor lamp should I choose?

The lamp that is most suitable for your home will likely be determined by your current or future look.  We’ve included a few sample styles to help you figure out which lamp is right for you.

Rustic, industrial & bohemian floor lamps

A bohemian style floor light will often use pretty fabric shades with intricate patterns and lots of colour.  Metal shades are also available and are also patterned, most commonly by using a punching tool to create a clean design.

Rustic floor lamps tend to use earthy colours and utilise wood in their designs.  Industrial style lamps often feature a bare Edison bulb for that rough, pared-down look and may mix materials such as wood and metal.

Both bohemian and rustic style homes look fantastic with an antique finish for a vintage appearance.  Gold and copper are also common metal finishes for lamps in these styles.

Modern & contemporary tall lamps

Metal and glass are both popular materials for modern floor lamps.  Generally speaking, metal bases will be finished in chrome, silver or black for a minimalist appearance.  These colours blend well with a range of different colour schemes, so a change in style doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your favourite piece of lighting.

Modern lamps use curves and straight lines to great effect, as with open lamps, creating a dramatic look.  Others opt to have multiple lights, such as 3 light and 5 light floor standing lamps, for a prettier look which distributes light around the room.  Shaded lamps in this style sport simpler shapes, such as drum, cylindrical or square.

Classic & traditional

Classic or traditional style lamps are comprised of a slim stem with a light on top and most often include a shade.  Also known as club lamps, they range from having plain to decorative stem designs.  Likewise, the shades come in many shapes, often featuring conical, trapezium shaped, drum or curved bell designs.

Their shades tend to feature neutral colours and plain fabrics, such as cream or white, which blend well with traditional furnishings, but bolder colours such as red are also available.  The shade softens the light for a warm, homely and more relaxed feel, inviting for you and your guests.

Colour and materials

Colour and materials are two important factors when considering a lamp shade for your floor lamp.

Please note that the thicker the material used and the darker the colour, the less light will be able to escape the shade.  This means that a thin, pale shade will let through more light and may therefore be better for a reading lamp or for lamps in large rooms that require a lot of illumination.  Likewise, a dark shade made of thick material will work better as accent lighting, rather than for seeing by.

Find out more

Lee Longlands sell many different tall floor lamps to suit your requirements.  If you would like to learn more about any of our lamps, feel free to contact us on 0333 200 1552, email us at, or speak to one of our sales experts at a showroom near you.


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