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Wall Lights

Indoor wall lights are lighting fixtures which are attached to the wall.  They are often used to illuminate dark corners of the room, or as a secondary form of lighting for ambience or reading.  Lee Longlands sell products to suit all forms of home décor, including spotlights, lamps and chandeliers in traditional, modern and industrial looks.  A range of finishes are also available to match your colour scheme.

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What are the benefits of wall lights?

Wall lighting is commonly utilised in hallways and rooms with low ceilings.  Uplighting is a popular choice, because this helps to make your ceiling appear higher than it really is.  Wall lighting also creates an opportunity to be more lavish in your design, since a low ceiling will prohibit you from having larger or more extravagant ceiling lighting.

Wall lights are also a great choice for illuminating  and accentuating shadowy corners that natural lights and ceiling lights don’t reach, such as alcoves and L shaped rooms.

The lights offer a way to brighten up your living space and are an opportunity to introduce a new design element into your living room, dining room or study.

What should you consider when choosing your wall light?

There are various aspects to think about when determining which wall light will be right for you.

How much space do you have on your wall?

Chandelier styles are larger and more decorative and are therefore more appropriate for larger rooms with high ceilings.  Chandeliers are also more of a feature within the room, so you can use them to punctuate a wall which doesn’t feature as many furnishings.  Wall lamps come in larger and smaller sizes, so you can find a product that will suit a smaller space, such as above a settee or sideboard.

Which room is it going in?

Wall lights are most often used in dining rooms, living rooms or hallways, but also work well in bathrooms, studies and bedrooms.

  • In a living room, lamp lighting is best.  These styles can provide more subtle lighting, creating an ambient feel when watching a film or winding down after work
  • Use wall lamps in the dining room for ambience, or chandeliers to bring additional wow factor to the space
  • A spotlight is a brilliant addition to a home office or a workspace in the dining room, providing a strong light by which to work, study or read
  • A chandelier or large lamp can be used to decorate and illuminate a hallway, in particular a hallway without much access to natural light
  • Bedroom wall lights are often small with shades, providing a softer light that won’t wake you up too much before bed.  Bedside wall lights can also be used to read by, removing the need for a table lamp.  A wall light with a switch incorporated into its design spares the hassle of getting back out of bed to switch off the light
  • Bathroom wall lights are typically smaller to suit the size of the space.  A brighter light allows you to see to apply makeup or do your hair

What is your décor style?

You can purchase industrial, traditional and modern wall lights to suit your surroundings.

  • Contemporary wall lights include spotlights and lamps in silver, black and chrome, perfect for a monochrome scheme.  These finishes work well across lots of colour schemes, so they’ll easily withstand changes in fashion
  • Wall spotlights can also be found in industrial style furnishings, in particular in brass and bronze finishes.  Their antique look adds to the aesthetic of the room.  Edison bulb styles are particularly popular
  • For a traditional home, a wall sconce, chandelier or candelabra style light will work brilliantly, adding a classic style of lighting to your living space.  A stunning gold finish beautifully complements upholstery in deep, luxurious colours and neutral hues

What are the different styles of wall lights?

There are several different kinds of wall light available for purchase at Lee Longlands.

  • Wall lamp – wall lamps come in many different looks, but all resemble lamps in their design.  These lights may have a shade to direct the light in one or more directions, adding ambience to your room
  • Spotlight – spotlights direct light in one direction.  Their angle can often be adjusted, so you can draw attention to a specific area of the room.  Spotlights are a fantastic addition to an industrial style or modern style home
  • Chandelier – a chandelier style light is very ornate and works best for more traditional homes.  It often hangs down and is generally considered to be a more decorative piece of lighting
  • LED wall lights use LED bulbs rather than halogen bulbs.  This saves energy, making it a cost effective and eco-friendly option.  You can purchase LED lights with a warm white light bulb, which gives the room a more inviting feel

Our bestselling wall lights

There are lots of wall lights in the Lee Longlands collection.  We’ve included some of our bestselling items below.

  • Rigby – the Rigby wall lamp has a Buckeye Bronze finish and is the perfect way to add a touch of industrial style to your room
  • Brinley – the reasonably priced Brinley is another industrial style lamp.  It’s transparent jar-like cover leaves the bulb in full view for an Edison bulb effect.  The lamp is finished in an Olde Bronze finish and adds plenty of interest to the space
  • Milanese – the Milanese wall lamp is available in an antique brass or satin silver finish, so you can tailor it to the furnishings of your home.  The white glass shade provides soft lighting for ambience.  The Milanese also comes as a 2 light, adding extra light and decoration to your lounge or dining room.

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