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Chandeliers are a decorative form of ceiling lighting which work best in large rooms.  Often substantial in size, they make an excellent feature or centrepiece in a dining room, living room, hallway or even bedroom, and are fantastic for creating an impression.  Industrial, rustic, bohemian, traditional and contemporary chandeliers are available in a various sizes, styles and finishes.

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64.8cm(w) 57.2cm(h)  
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86.4cm(w) 76.2cm(h)  
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50.8cm(w) 67.3cm(h)  
was £600 now £528
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62.9cm(w) 62.2cm(h)  
was £600 now £528
from £11.94 per month*
65.4cm(w) 60.3cm(h)  
was £960 now £845
from £19.10 per month*
87.6cm(w) 47cm(h)  
was £834 now £734
from £16.60 per month*
71.8cm(w) 32.4cm(h)  
was £405 now £356
71.8cm(w) 78.7cm(h)  
was £750 now £660
from £14.92 per month*
60.33cm(w) 96.52cm(h) 28.58cm(l)  
was £1595 now £1195
from £27.02 per month*
78.74cm(w) 28.58cm(h) 110.49cm(l)  
was £1735 now £1299
from £29.37 per month*
62.87cm(w) 124.46cm(h) 80.01cm(l)  
was £2459 now £1839
from £41.57 per month*
77.47cm(w) 137.8cm(h) 119.38cm(l)  
was £2889 now £2165
from £48.94 per month*
was £695 now £519
from £11.74 per month*
was £839 now £629
from £14.22 per month*
91.44cm(w) 55.25cm(h)  
was £999 now £749
from £16.93 per month*
127cm(w) 37.47cm(h)  
was £869 now £649
from £14.67 per month*
127cm(w) 69.22cm(h)  
was £1315 now £985
from £22.27 per month*
10.16cm(w) 37.47cm(h) 127cm(l)  
was £525 now £389
150cm(h) 75cm(dia)  
was £875 now £785
from £17.75 per month*
49cm(h) 61cm(dia)  
was £399 now £299
112cm(h) 58cm(dia)  
was £1188 now £1010
from £22.83 per month*
84cm(h) 55cm(dia)  
was £410 now £275
57cm(h) 55cm(dia)  
was £134 now £114

What is a chandelier?

A chandelier light is a large ceiling light which often hangs down and is used for decorative purposes.  Although the traditional style crystal chandelier is still going strong, many more styles have also been introduced, so you can have impactful lighting no matter what style of décor you have.

What should you consider when choosing your chandelier?

When choosing chandelier lighting, there are multiple factors to consider.

How high are your ceilings?

Firstly, measure the height of your room and the length of the chandelier, to ensure that the light will be able to fit comfortably in your room of choice.  You will want to make sure the light looks appropriate to the size of the room and that it doesn’t cause any obstructions.  Ask yourself whether guests will be able to walk through the room without walking around, or ducking to avoid, the light.

Placement is another important factor.  If you would like your chandelier to hang over a dining table or coffee table, for example, check that it won’t hang too low, whether resting on the table top or obstructing guests’ view of one another.

Which room is it going in?

Often, chandeliers are used in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways.  These days, however, they are also seen in bedrooms.

  • A living room chandelier is generally small and may include light shades.  Shades will soften the light to create a more subdued atmosphere, an ideal option when trying to wind down after a stressful day.
  • Dining room chandeliers may be decorative and fairly large to impress guests.  These chandeliers tend to be low enough to serve as a replacement for a table centrepiece but high enough that guests can see each other and food can be served without difficulty.
  • A hallway with a high ceiling can feature a larger chandelier.  A chandelier in the hall helps to fill and illuminate the space.  This is an excellent way to add decoration to an area of the house which can feel plain and unloved.  It also helps to make guests feel more welcome when they step over the threshold.
  • Bedroom chandeliers are best placed in the centre of the room, rather than over a bed.  These chandeliers tend to be a bit smaller and add a glamorous edge to the room.  You may prefer shades on these lights so that they aren’t waking you up too much when you’re about to go to bed.

What is your décor style?

There are lots of different styles of chandelier available for purchase at Lee Longlands, including traditional, rustic, industrial, modern and bohemian.

  • Rustic designs are more likely to incorporate materials like wood or rope, as well as black or antique colour metals.  They often have a crude appearance, their lights sometimes hanging from a length of wood or in simple wooden box frames.  These lights work well in country homes, since they are a feature which still blends with the overall aesthetic of the house.
  • Modern chandeliers are generally silver or chrome for a clean and minimalist appearance.  The lights vary in style but may include shades or frosted covers in simple rectangular and cylindrical shapes.  Thin chains may also hang from the light, providing length and adding elegant extra decoration.  Although mostly made from metal and glass, some modern lights are made from acrylic.
  • Bohemian lights may include an eclectic mix of features, such as unusual frame designs, beads, different coloured glass and different coloured shades.  These lights are perfect for injecting intrigue and flair into your home.
  • Industrial style options generally come with an antique finish and can feature Edison bulbs and wire.  This gives the lamps the stripped down appearance that is so integral to industrial styling.  Different materials are also a feature of this style, so wood may also be present in these designs.
  • Traditional chandeliers tend to be made in the classic waterfall style, featuring many crystals dangling in tiers.  These chandeliers are often large and intended for expansive traditional homes, but smaller versions are also available to suit different rooms.  Other classic chandeliers have a candelabrum-inspired design.

What do people often forget when buying a chandelier?

It’s tempting to forget the details when purchasing your brand new chandelier – but there are a couple of things worth remembering.

  • First, make sure your new light is not too heavy for your ceiling.  This will prevent structural damage to your ceiling and keep your chandelier from falling or being damaged.
  • Light bulbs are generally not included with our chandeliers and will also need to be replaced in due course.  As such, check the bulb size and type you will need before purchasing.

Our bestselling chandeliers

We have many different chandeliers for sale instore and online, so you can find the best chandelier for your home, décor and individual requirements.

  • The Carnegie comes as a 6 light or 8 light chandelier.  Its spidery bronze coloured design is an excellent addition to an industrial style room.
  • The City Lights 7 light chandelier has a linear design comprised of frosted blocks in a pewter finished frame.  This is an attractive piece for a modern style room.
  • The 13 Light chrome waterfall light is a large chandelier made up of many tiers with a chrome finish, making it perfect for a traditional style abode.
  • The Nickel Antler chandelier features an antler-esque design which is topped by five conical shades.  A fun, quirky addition to a boho style lounge.


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