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Showcase: The Harris Tweed Furniture Collection

Harris Tweed is a finely produced hand-woven material originating from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. For many years it has been the preferred choice of material used in the creation of lavish tweed furniture and clothing by many brands.

Due to the growing number of imitation brands, the original Scottish crafters of the intricate material decided to form the Harris Tweed Authority – a name that defines the material as ‘tweed that is hand-spun, hand-woven and dyed by the crofters and cottars in the Outer Hebrides.’

For a long time, the English luxury furniture brand Tetrad has been using the genuine exquisite material to craft quality Harris Tweed furniture, and continue still today to create beautiful furniture pieces including a range of sofas, chairs and stools.

Lee Longlands is proud to have been a distributor of Tetrad Harris Tweed furniture for a long time, and we’d like to show you the beauty of this trusted, established brand and the exquisite furniture they produce. 

 The Harris Tweed Collection From Tetrad

The Tetrad brand makes a selection of Harris Tweed sofas, chairs and stools – and with over one hundred years of experience working with the fabric – every piece they craft is finished to an exceptional standard of quality. Learn about quality pieces from the Harris Tweed collection below and discover the beauty of this great brand.

Harris Tweed Sofas


The Tetrad furniture brand is best known for its exceptionally well crafted Harris Tweed sofas. Their range of sofas is extremely diverse, with full tweed chesterfield sofas like the Castlebay, to primarily leather sofas like the luxurious Harris Tweed Dalmore. The majority of Tetrad Harris Tweed sofas are available in multiple sizes – midi, petit and sometimes even as a chair – meaning you needn’t worry about not having enough space for these luxury pieces.

Explore the full range of Harris Tweed sofas to find many more luxury furniture pieces.

Harris Tweed Chairs


As well as producing an exquisite range of lavish tweed sofas, Tetrad crafts a brilliant selection of accent chairs. Made with a range of luxury materials including Harris Tweed and soft leather, Tetrad’s Harris Tweed chairs provide the comfort you deserve whilst maintaining a beautiful rural style in your home.

Discover the elegant Taransay Ladies Chair, a quality Harris Tweed chair with leather accents. Or if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, why not take a look at the Harris Tweed Bowmore – a feather-filled full tweed armchair with a solid hardwood frame.

Explore the full range of Harris Tweed chairs from Tetrad to find more wonderful examples.

Harris Tweed Stools


Alongside their range of exceptional quality sofas and chairs, Tetrad produces a number of stylish and professionally finished Harris Tweed stools to match. We supply quality finished stools from the Bowmore, Taransay, and Mackenzie Harris Tweed collections – so when you purchase your perfect chair or sofa, you can get a Harris Tweed Stool to match.

Order Tetrad Harris Tweed Furniture From Lee Longlands Today

Lee Longlands supplies a wide range of Harris Tweed furniture from Tetrad – and with our price promise we offer it to you at affordable costs. If you’re looking to invest in a luxury Harris Tweed sofa, chair or stool, come to Lee Longlands to save on your purchase.

Explore the great furniture in our Harris Tweed Collections, find out more about our price promise guarantee, or get in contact today for answers to any questions you may have - the Lee Longlands team will be happy to help.

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